Top 9 Tourists Attractions In Greece

Greece is a land of glorious history, stunning architecture, and breathtaking beaches. With its ancient ruins, beautiful landscapes, and delicious cuisine, it’s easy to see why this European country is such a popular holiday destination. There are countless attractions in Greece that make for the perfect vacation experience. From the ancient sites of Athens to the white-washed villages of Santorini, here are the top 9 tourist attractions in Greece that you won’t want to miss.

1. Acropolis – For centuries, the Acropolis has been an iconic symbol of Greek culture. Located on a rocky hill overlooking Athens from the south-east corner of the city, this ancient citadel is home to some of Greece’s most famous monuments including the Parthenon and Erechtheion temples. The site also contains many other structures such as Propylaea and Odeon of Herodes Atticus which date back to 4th century BC. Visiting this incredible site will certainly give you an insight into Greece’s past and present culture.

2. Meteora – The monasteries at Meteora are not only significant religious sites but they also provide one of Europe’s most unique landscapes. Nestled atop towering sandstone rock formations on the slopes of Mount Pindus in central Greece are six UNESCO World Heritage Site monasteries built by hermits during the 14th century AD. You can hike around these ancient monasteries or take a hot-air balloon trip for stunning aerial views over this surreal landscape.

3. Delphi – This archaeological site is located at the foot of Mount Parnassus and was once home to one of Ancient Greece’s most important sanctuaries dedicated to Apollo god of music and prophecy. It was believed that visiting this Oracle would grant visitors divine insights into their future plans or problems they were facing in life. Today, this ruin consists mostly of ruins from temples, theaters, treasuries and other sacred structures making it an interesting place to explore for those passionate about Greek mythology and archaeology alike.

4. Temple Of Poseidon – Located at Cape Sounio on southern tip of Attica peninsula lies one around 2,500 year old temple dedicated to Poseidon – God Of Sea in Ancient Greek Mythology . This remarkable structure stands tall over a scarped cliffside providing unbeatable views across Saronic Gulf towards islands Aegina , Agistri , Poros . Aside from its spectacular setting , Temple Of Poseidon boasts impressive Doric columns , sculptures depicting sea gods such as Tritons & Nereids along with inscriptions from Herodotus .

5 Crete – The largest island in Greece is Crete – boasting secluded coves , magnificent gorges , picturesque villages & some amazing archaeological sites . Whether you want to relax on its golden beaches , explore its hills & forests or discover Minoan palace complex at Knossos – Crete has something for everyone . The capital city Heraklion is full local cultures & traditions while Chania offers plenty bars & restaurants along Venetian harbor making it ideal spot for nightlife lovers !

6 Mykonos – Often dubbed Party Island because vibrant nightlife scene , Mykonos offers much more than just party atmosphere though! Its picture-perfect scenery featuring windmills dotted along shoreline coupled with quaint alleyways lined up whitewashed houses make it one best places photograph breathtaking sunsets! Little Venice area bustling all day long with trendy boutiques cafes scattered throughout island offering delicious regional dishes like fresh seafood gyros !

7 Corfu –Situated off west coast mainland Corfu renowned nature beauty ranging from lush green hillsides fragrant olive groves plus gorgeous beaches stretching out crystal clear waters! This Greek paradise packed full attraction including world heritage Old Town where visitors can find number Venetian buildings old churches plus huge fortress protecting harbor against pirate attacks long time ago! Away town there host wonderful trails leading through stunning countryside perfect hiking or mountain biking adventure !

8 Samothrace – This archaeological site located northeast Aegean Sea situated mountain slope overlooking sea offers some hidden gems unknown most tourists! Known primarily Sanctuary Great Gods (Kabeirion) Samothrace also home numerous other temples associated goddess Demeter & Nike as well as some incredible waterfalls surrounded wilderness abundance rare wildlife ! Definitely worth visiting if looking something bit out ordinary !

9 Rhodes Old Town – Built Knights Hospitalers 12th century Rhodes Old Town proclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site 1985 due beautiful mix Byzantine medieval architecture combined Turkish influences dotted throughout walled city! Take leisurely stroll narrow cobbled alleys discovering hidden cafes bars restaurants before heading castle Acropolis perched hilltop giving panoramic views Mediterranean Sea towards Turkey east . Whether looking historical sites souvenir shopping gourmet dining Rhodes Old Town makes perfect destination any traveler looking taste history culture combined great atmosphere !


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